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Why do I need auto insurance?

There are two compelling reasons you need car insurance. First, it is probably one of the most expensive items you own. Buying the right kind of New York car insurance will help protect your investment and provides a way to handle the high cost of accidents, vandalism, theft, flood or other damage to your car. It also covers your financial responsibility to the bank or leasing company who lent you the money to buy or lease your vehicle.

The other reason is that when you drive, you are handling a powerful machine weighing more than a ton and capable of moving over 100 miles per hour. The safety of your passengers, other drivers and property, yourself, and pedestrians is your responsibility. Insurance can make sure you are able to cover the costs of possible damage to any of those.

What kinds of coverages are available for NY car insurance?

  • Liability Insurance – This is divided into two categories, bodily injury and property damage and will cover damage that you do to property, as well as injuries to people, for which you are held responsible.
  • Personal Injury Protection – This is New York’s required No-Fault coverage and covers medical bills, loss of wages, and other monetary losses to you and people in your car.
  • Collision – This covers damage to your own car in an accident
  • Comprehensive Fire and Theft or Other Than Collision coverage – This covers damages to your vehicle from fire, theft, break-ins, vandalism, flood, falling objects and other natural disasters.
  • Medical Payments – This is a small amount of coverage, often $5-10,000, which covers medical expenses. Since No-Fault was added in to New York mandatory insurance requirements, medical payments has become less important but still can give you extra insurance for these types of expenses.
  • Uninsured and Underinsurance Motorist coverage – This is now known in New York as Supplemental Uninsured Motorist coverage and protects you against injuries in an accident where the responsible driver has no insurance or insufficient insurance. It does NOT cover damage to your vehicle under New York laws.
  • Miscellaneous coverages – These might be towing, labor, rental reimbursement coverage or other add-ons that some companies include in their policies, sometimes for an extra charge.

    Please note that the above are intended as general information only. Actual coverages are defined by policy documents.

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